“Renee at The Pilates Center of Cary is an invaluable part of my fitness as well as my recovery from chronic back pain. She is knowledgeable and so careful to make sure I get the most out of every move. Of course she encourages and challenges me all through and even follows up the next day to make sure I am feeling fabulous. I am confident that I am getting the most out of every minute of exercise with her. Today I took a yoga class at my gym for two hours and the instructor even commented that I looked stronger and more flexible than the last time she saw me. I know this is true and thanks to Renee my jeans also fit a little better.”
A.H., Cary, NC

“I have worked with Renee for 4 years. Not only did Pilates improve my posture, it helped with my back! Renee is a wonderful instructor and I always enjoy her classes.”
R.B., 34, Cary, NC

“I started doing Pilates almost two years ago when I was diagnosed with lumbar stenosis.  Stenosis is a narrowing of spaces in the spine that can cause pain in the lower back and legs, similar to the pain from a sciatic nerve issue.  Because I did not want to take medication, my physician provided suggestions for ways to relieve the pain and the compression in my spine.  Pilates is one of the recommendations that greatly improved my pain and ability to do other activities.  I participated in sports as a young person and have always enjoyed a variety of aerobic activities.  When the pain continued to get worse, I was concerned that I could no longer move.  Even walks on the beach had become painful.  However, with regular participation in pilates and chiropractic treatment, my pain has been greatly alleviated, controlled and most importantly I do not rely on medications to control the pain.  Pilates has truly given me back the ability to move and enjoy life. Renee is an awesome instructor!  She has helped me enormously with this challenge and is dedicated to her clients and their overall health.  Your goals are her goals, she is personally committed to helping you feel and be your best!”
M.S., 50, Raleigh, NC

“Pilates class with Renee feels like going to meet a friend.  There is zero chance for boredom because no class is the same.  Renee is flexible to work around whatever injury or accommodation I need on a given day.  We work hard toward achieving a goal together and she makes it happen in a positive way that makes me look forward to class.   I feel so much better about my body and my health since taking Pilates.”
C.R., 42, Raleigh, NC

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