“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion” J. Pilates, “Return to Life Through Contrology”

The Pilates (“Puh-LAH-Teez”) Method is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, who studied anatomy & various movement methodologies in an effort to rehabilitate his own body. He further developed these exercises in England during WW1 and later in New York City, where he quickly became famous among local dancers for helping them rehabilitate injuries and build strength and flexibility.

The Method is a physical fitness system that focuses on engaging the body’s core postural muscles. Strengthening these deeper muscles helps keep the body balanced and provides essential support for the spine. Principles that guide the Pilates Method exercises include proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement. The Pilates Center of Cary provides a contemporary approach to the original exercises by including modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation as recommended by physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals. This clear and detailed approach is one of the safest and most effective methods available and is used by everyone from athletes to rehabilitative clients.

Your caring and knowledgeable Pilates Center of Cary instructor will guide you in a series of innovative movements designed specifically for your body, helping you to stand taller and move with greater efficiency throughout your day or in your sport. We will discuss your needs and goals and partner with you in order to achieve them in a private or duet setting.

Please call (919.602.5109) or email us (pilates@pilatescenterofcary.com) today to get started!

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